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The St. Pius X Catholic Student Center at Pittsburg State University, newly established as an individual mission of Catholic College ministry, has recently announced a fundraising campaign aimed at creating a more beautiful and welcoming environment in which students can encounter Christ.

    The St. Pius X Catholic Student Center has already undergone big changes in the recent year. With the assignment of Fr. David Voss as full time chaplain, SPX is able to move towards being a fully developed and supported ministry in the Diocese of Wichita. The student center had previously served as an outreach of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Pittsburg. With the shift comes more independence and larger strides towards specifically enhancing spirituality in the lives of college students.


    The diocese contributes

    Bishop Carl A. Kemme recognizes the current importance and future potential of the St. Pius X Center. This past April, on behalf of the diocese, he pledged $500,000 to the St. Pius X Center’s capital campaign. Bishop Kemme, noting the importance of campus ministry and beauty in liturgical spaces, said he hopes others will follow the example of the diocese by contributing to the campaign.

    The goal of the campaign is $3.2 million. Fulfilling the goal would not only provide the resources for creating a beautiful place of worship, said Father Voss, but will also be used to create new opportunities for current students, draw in new students, and help the faith community on campus reach new heights. “Ultimately, this is all about enriching the spiritual lives of students, and helping them become the men and women that God has called them to be. If we can do that, while reaching out to those in need of a deeper relationship with Christ, then we have done our job.”


    The facility need

    Founded in 1913, the Newman Club has long been a part of Pittsburg State University. However, St. Pius X Center’s current building was constructed in 1968 and has never undergone a major renovation. With a roof, infrastructure, and heating system that are over 50 years old, Fr. David is having to spend more saving the building, when he could be saving more souls. As the locus of Catholic faith and culture on campus—where students worship, receive sacraments, engage in fellowship, and learn about their faith—the vitality of the St. Pius X Center is a high priority to Fr. Voss.


    The spiritual need

    Fr. Voss, the first full-time campus chaplin in more than 30 years, is excited about the center’s potential. “We want to build a chapel that reflects the hospitality, faith, and passion of the students,” he explains. “The chapel has always been the heart of our Catholic community, and the students have long asked for a functional and beautiful place to worship.”

 Students at the St. Pius the X Catholic Student Center have mentioned that they long for “a chapel that makes us fall on our knees in prayer.”


    To the heights

    The fundraising campaign, “To the Heights: A Second Century Campaign,” draws its inspiration from both the St. Pius X Center’s century-long presence on campus, and from the motto of Blessed Pierre Giorgio Frassati. Like many who worship at St. Pius X, B. Pierre Giorgio Frassati was a college student with a passion for greatness. He died a young man while treating victims of polio, but his motto “To the Heights”—which represents his love of mountains and the ascent of prayer—continues to inspire people to this day. This phrase is now the motto for the St. Pius X Center’s campaign.

    When asked how people can help make the St. Pius X Center’s vision a reality, Fr. Voss replied, “We can use prayers from everyone. But if you feel called to help financially, or to provide any other kind of help, give us a call or shoot us an email. We would appreciate anything that could help enrich the spiritual lives of our students.”

    For donations or more information, contact Fr. David at vossd@catholicgorillas.org.

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